Michelle Maiden is an English artist & illustrator whose original art and prints are collected worldwide. Her inspiration flows from mythology, folklore, ancient cultures, archaeology, shamanic and mystical traditions, the forms and forces of nature, and her own imagination.

Utilizing a versatile range of media, styles and themes has resulted in an often diverse and unusual creative output. This has combined with years of artistic experience to produce a growing body of polished, thoughtful and original work, in conjunction with experimental, playful or pretty images she often just creates for relaxation and self-expression. Creativity permeates every aspect of her life – she also writes poetry, short stories and research pieces, which can compliment and enhance her images.

Michelle previously studied both Archaeology and Illustration at degree level. Her artwork has been used for book, magazine and CD covers; card games; article illustrations; event posters; tattoo deigns; as well as on various merchandise.

You are welcome to display her art on websites, blogs, etc if it is used respectfully, remains unaltered and uncropped, clearly credits her and provides a link back to this website. To use her art in printed magazines, books, album art, etc please obtain written consent first.